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tv   Right This Minute  KICU  April 30, 2013 1:00pm-1:31pm PDT

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i'm beth troutman, we have the videos you have been looking for, "right this minute." wild part of a contest. >> most people get out of the way. >> the terrifying moment someone doesn't. a woman et away doesn't go as planned. ge. >> see if he can make seven days with no shut eye. plus, a baby's good time
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goes up, up and away. and how some brave dudes are celebrating. >> the auty in real manness -- >> of the hairy torso. >> happy trail. a video that was shot in florida is quickly going viral. i have to warn you, some images in this video are graphic and could be difficult to watch. >> it's from a rodeo event. what you are watching is an the cash prize. according to reports the cash prize was $50. trampled for 50 bucks. >> the steer is going pretty wild. people are chasing him through this arena, through this area. but keep watching. that woman is desiree cicero an
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steer. a lot ofvideo. the steer is running back towar. >> a 19-year-old marine stayed there to help her. the steer is headed back toward her. he's hovering over her. >> oh my god! >> he's like a human shield over her. >> the steer tramples over him as he tries to stay over her body. >> that's a heroic move. >> they spoke to desiree and john about the incident. >> i knew it was coming. it felt like getting hit by a bull. i mean there's no other way to describe it. there wasn't much time. >> didn't think about anything else but getting to her and making sure she's okay. you have a hole in your arm, i'm going to put pressure on it. >> for $50. >> she didn't blame everyone else for running away. she is grateful to john.
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she suffered a broken rib, a dislocated shoulder. she had a hole in her arm. >> did they give her 150 bucks? we all know fuel has gotten expensi expensive. is it worth this? check this woman out filling up her car. the gas station attendant comes around and starts to snoop around. something made her suspicious about the couple filling their car. she approaches and the driver takes off and clotheslines the woman fueling the car, knocking it to the ground, tearing the pipe off the gas pump. you can see there's gas spilling all over the ground. >> i can't believe that. the person has no regard for his or her friend here filling up the tank. >> was willing to speed away without her in the car. >> i mean he drops her like a rock. it looks like you have to hit the shut off. she runs away.
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>> you are right. filling her tank and takes off. it's a big problem. people don't have to prepay for their gas before they fill up. >> set it up. you have to prepay with a credit card. that will stop things like this from happening. it will keep it from happening. both of the people got away. police are looking for them. in these cases, a lot of times the car is stolen or they steal license plates and put different plates on the car. ift's difficult to track these people down. not so long ago, our friend brought us this video that got us and a lot of people talking. this is in india and shows a 9-year-old behind the wheel of a ferrari. there's an update. dad got arrested because of this. he was allowing the son to drive on his 9th birthday because
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she's asking to drive. the dad says he let them drive their lamborghini and bentley. the dad who is a businessman was arrested on endangering the life of his son and others. now she has been granted bail, 5,000 which comes out to 92 u.s. dollars. >> that's stiff for a guy who owns a lamborghini. >> how much did it cost? >> the video was passed around and went viral. the dad said he had no idea the issue would snowball like that. when you put something online, you never know what's going to happen. the mom told tv that she was proud of her son's achievement at this particular age. i believe that was before dad was arrested for it. some reports saying the dad wants his son to grow up to be a formula 1 driver. i'm imagining my 9-year-old self
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behind that ferrari and how awesome that would be. >> it's cool, just not on a public street. >> look how busy this area is and how many people live there. >> take him to a racetrack. a student in the uk is doing a very interesting experiment. it's called the void. for seven days, the experiment was to get absolutely no sleep. 168 sleepless hours. the web.d the experience with o the goal was to explore and measure the effects of sleep deprivation. he did a blog where he shared what he was feeling at different stages of the experiment.
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he would draw a circle or a simple line and add you can see, this is after 86 hours of no sleep. the circle is off. he shared thoughts, all the way from he's losing his temper, feeling angry, or it's hard to concentrate. toward the end, he was pretty exhausted. >> how did he stay away for an entire week? what can you do to keep you fro dozing off? your body would naturally fall asleep. >> he took special safety precautions from scheduled meals to fresh air breaks. >> making my eyes hurt, the sick feeling in your stomach you get. i feel it for him. you feel sick. your head. >> i want to take a nap. >> the guys from homemade movies take on the matrix.
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>> oh. >> the music and sound effects are awesome. >> how they pulled off the shot scenes. >> while we are standing there, bees are swarming ugh. >> raymond the raven gets a bit chatty. >> oh, yes. >> soundings like he's a
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see if you can guess which movie this is. >> we are under attack. ♪ >> this is the famous bullet scene from "the matrix." this is done by our friends at homemade movies. they had a challenge from their viewers so they did. when i say shot for shot, they weren't kidding. watch. nice casting, too. >> they used two people who are
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big on the internet. what i think is interesting are the special effects. they don't have the same budget as "the matrix" movies.ñr >> the music and sound effects are awesome. >> i love how they don't have music, so they have people doing voice stuff. they have four guys. >> when it came time for the bullets, you recognize an old childhood toy. >> a slinky. >> it is a slinky. it's clever. >> how do they do that part? >> there's a behind-the-scenes video they have. they usually shoot at their home, but their house didn't have a rooftop. they did star trek into darkness. >> you can do special effect,
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but they didn't bother. >> to tell us more about this video, we chatted with the actor who played him via skype. >> i do video games on youtube. in terms of acting, it's the first time anyone asked me to be in their film. the hardest part was the bullet dodging segment. it was hot. it took forever to set it up. bees were swarming us. i'm not a fan of bees. i don't know what the phobia of bees is but we all have it. i certainly had fun, i hope they had fun working with me. i would do it again. what you didn't know is iw3 hitn olga a lot. she was the only female there. all us guys were like it's hot out and there's bees. then there's olga. we are like hey, i'm going to do this. it's stuff you don't see on
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television. >> i wonder what he would say about this? >> whoa! steven, this is how mack gets around brooklyn, new york. >> oh! that's odd. that's just odd. >> he's a boston terrier and he's doing a good job of driving this car. however they did this, i think the driver has the hand down here at 7:00. look at mack. looks like he's doing a good job steering this thing. >> keeng his eyes on the road. i >> his paws and looking at the steering wheel. >> why not film me when i'm driving. >> from brooklyn, new york to yellowknife in canada. it's a raven. raymond the raven. he has a nice little relationship with merlin williams, the guy who up loaded this video.
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raymond has been coming around for three years and having a conversation with merlin. >> oh yes. it's windy, man. >> he feeds raymond out of his hand. >> i didn't know they made this crazy noise. it sounds like he's a magical bird. that noise doesn't sound like a bird noise. >> yes you are. >> this is cool. kind of like a little -- >> for a child this happen, this beautiful, what could be the saddest moment? as he's playing with his balloon, he doesn't realize there's helium in that balloon. what happens to a balloon with helium? goes up into the air, just out of your reach. when he finally realizes it --
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>> so sad. the ribbon went through his fingers. he didn't know. he could have held on. >> heart break caught on camera. >> i will say, though, he is a cute, crying kid. >> yeah. >> this video is old, it's from 2011, but just now trending, obviously because it's cute. >> it was just here, now it's there. this guy's got some bad impersonation skills. >> my mom said life is like a box of chocolates. >> how he turns the iconic into ironic. and how you can explore the world with the power of your hand. >> i'm superman with my hand. check this out.
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i'm flying over europe.
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what is joe peshi was cast for forest gump. >> hollywood had blunders in
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casting. >> i like the kevin spacey. >> in amsterdam, you can go into a movie theater and order a glass of beer. i'm not talking a paper cup. i'm talking a glass of beer. >> in that voice, i feel like it would have been way creepier. >> or funny. >> when he taped chris tucker, that ease his best impression. >> i got it memorized, see. 2517. >> if you close your eyes and listen, it sounds like chris tucker. >> it's to be said on all sides by the inequities of the selfish. >> this guy is insanely talented. >> you know how much i love "lord of the rings". >> that is not for him to decide. >> i am so glad that didn't happen. no offense. >> kept the forces --
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>> wondering -- i know they are not. it's taking a long run, you know. >> for some reason, i don't see sly stallone has a dwarf. >> it's nobody's business. >> sten, it is tech time ploration style. > let's do it. >> first, we are going to explore google earth. the motion technology. >> oh! >> you are operating through google earth using the motion of your body. you are not like, you know, typing in, zooming in. >> you don't have to do anything of that. >> oh, i'm superman with my hand. i'm flying over europe. now i'm flying over africa. >> to tell us more about this technology, we have our tech traveler. >> zach. >> hey, zach, thanks for
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thavling in. >> you are welcome. >> they have teamed up? >> they have. the technology can sense what you want to do. it's intuitive. you sync it up with someone's face. i can go like and fly. they can turn left or turn right. can i do that? >> maybe if you are a developer. right now, the wii motion isn't available for all consumers but they have 12,000 development kits out right now. the technology is awesome but it's neat they are pairing with a company as big as google. the technology is not out yet but how important it could change the technological warorl. >> you have something else for us as well? >> this is a cool robot. less than legal activities. >> what does it do? >> he noticed he was looking at
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vending machines. the flap opens, you put your hand in, but you can't reach up to get more. >> you never pay for a soda. >> he created this robot. now heck. >> as he puts this thing in the vending machine -- >> after it's extended, he uses a controller to move it around. >> you know what this is going to be used for next? sealing your soul. >> or, while you are taking bath, it scoots into the kitchen and grabs a toaster. >> throws it in. >> it's a contest for dudes where nothing is smooth. >> enough keeping, right? >> right. >> if you have a hairy chest, own it. >> see how they work it. ?.=(=pcpcpcpcpcpcpcpcpc2h
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you are about to see a war dance that i don't think you have ever seen before. >> what the heck was that? >> that is the wees l. >> what's he war dances on or about? >> they think domesticated weasles are showing their toy. this is a toy, not a house pet. this isn't is sleeping cat or ferrit.
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>> no, he didn't bite off the dog's tail. >> he's excited. >> he's quick as a flash, too. >> he's cute. >> i kind of like him. >> me, too. >> he's like a puppy. >> he's hopping along. >> i feel like you need to put a leash on him. >> i want one. >> a "right this minute" weasel. >> vomiting paper towel machine. >> there are a lot of videos out there of wet t-shirt contests with a bunch of girls, stripper poles. how about a contest for dudes like this. this is not a dance contest.
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this is a hairy chest contest. aboard the carnival "inspiration" cruise ship headed to catalina island, there were three women judges in this thing. nine guys competing. here, we have a fellow, rips off that hawaiian shirt to revl the manness. that is his hairy chest and back. finally, there's an outlet for men to put themselves out there, be proud. enough manscaping, right? if you have a hairy chest own it. part of the competition, you had to do a tarzan yell. >> ahhhh! >> you had to act like a dog. >> roof. >> at one point, you had to do a lap dance. eventually, what it came down to was two guy who is had to put on
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female clothing. you have a guy in a lovely sun dress and a guy in a pink hoody. this guy was the big ole winner. dudes will do anything. >> that's our show. thanks for joining us. we'll see you for the next edition of "right this minute." ♪
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coming up on "dish nation" -- >> look who was at the white house correspondents dinner. katy perry, sofia verga na and bono. >> ashton kuchen gives a beat down at a hoe down. michael jordan had 2,000 guests at his wedding. honestly, michael, how many toasters do you really need? >> this is "dish nation," the when my mom accidentally deleted all the sep sods all my dv r i asked her to move out entertainment news show. the rickey smiley show, atlanta and beyond. kidd kraddick broadcasting from


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